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Owning a rental property can be a rewarding and wise decision. However, finding tenants, screenings and all obligations as a landlord can be overwhelming and time consuming.

We guarantee a stress-free service, free of worries so you can enjoy the financial benefits that your investment brings.

Let us help you make your experience investing in rental property a successful one.

Our management and rental program for investment properties in Orlando include:

Initial and Periodically Inspections
We make sure that the property is in optimal condition. Not only at the time the tenants move in, but also while it's occupied.
Marketing the Property
We promote your investment property in all online listing services possible, social media and printed materials to ensure we keep vacant time to a minimum.
Leasing Service
We will place qualified tenants by evaluating their credit history, background, employment, income and references. We also coordinate the terms of contract and prepare your investment property to receive new tenants.
Maintenance of property and tenant care
While the property is occupied, we make sure it has the maintenance that is needed and solve any problems that the tenant may confront. We are also proactive evaluating any future repairs needed.
We promptly collect the monthly rent and security deposit
If there are delays in payments we follow up until the payment is achieved. If necessary, we mail letters to the tenant and in extreme cases we move forward in the eviction process according to Florida laws.
We provide detailed monthly and annual statements, make monthly direct deposits to your account and manage the recurring maintenance costs of your pool, lawn, among others, as long as we have the funds in the account to do so.

Fees for our services

No Initial payment: We do not charge fees until we have a tenant in place for your property. Once we have the ideal tenant we begin the rental process and our fees are deducted automatically from the account when rent is received.

Viva Orlando Property Management Fees for our Services as follows:

Option 1:
50% of first month's rent and 10% of the monthly rental value starting from 2nd months' rent.
Option 2:
75% of first months rent and 7% of the monthly rental value starting from 2nd months' rent.
Option 3:
100% from the first months rent when you hire us for leasing service only.

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